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The Making of Cuban Dvenci's Da Dvenci Code album

We just passed the 1 year anniversary of Cuban Dvenci debut album Da Dvenci Code on Feb 14. It was an adventuring album for him to make do to his almost not releasing the album. So we are going to see what was going on inside of his head when made this album.

LM: What is going on Mr. Dvenci? I see you are a real busy person now days since of your debut album has dropped.

Cuban: Yeah you know its been real crazy since the release of my debut album to the world. I been busy as ever now and a lot of independent artists dont understand I be working.

LM: Right you are an very busy man that I see. So lets get into how you came up with the album name and everything why did this album didnt almost make it out to the world.

Cuban: Well you know 2 years ago I came home from Chester County Prison and all I kept saying when I got out was I was going to go full force in this music game. Once I had got home I had learned that my original team OBM was going through some problems.

LM: What did OBM stand for and who was in it?

Cuban: Operation Big Money and it was  Chopp Familia (Brother), Ray IV and Reef. We all had started together back in 2003 and swore never to breakup and take care of each other. Anyway Chopp and Ray was making side moves with another team and left me and Reef out of the loop. So I told Reef that he would be on my new label 6 N Belmont Production and we would make history.

LM: So just like every group nothing last forever.

Cuban: Exactly!! So you know I was working on Reef's debut album and mines at the sametime taking him to my studio and the studio up in Pottstown, Pa. So advance in the story he wanted to bring the team (OBM) back together but me and my brother (Chopp) was going through some legal issues and wasnt talking to each other.

LM: I thought this is people that abandoned you guys?

Cuban: Exactly!!! So he went his way trying to build the team back up and forgot about me and wouldnt answer my calls no more. I had us open up and do a show for Hopsin and than he pulled that on me.

LM: Thats crazy!!!

Cuban: So I decided to call my cousin Beats Da Best up and told him we gone go crazy on these beats and put my album out which was Da Dvenci Code.

LM: Now you also have produced beats on this album as well to right?

Cuban: Yeah I produced a couple of beats on there myself and everybody thinks that he produced all the beats on there. I had other producers that was on that album like Blitz Beats and Ill Muzik Productions on there as well. I think I went to his studio everyday just to grab up beats and we argued about who was getting on them and what beats I was using.

LM: So your Cousin Beats Da Best is very strict on which beats he is letting out?

Cuban: Hell yeah!!! I got can get a hold of Malice, Mr. Cheeks, Gillie Da Kid and more to get his beats out there but he wants to put it out when he feels like it.

LM: Wow he is something else.

Cuban: Yeah he is but I see why he keeps certain beats in the tuck though. So yea back to the album so I started doing working with artists that I knew from my hometown Coatesville, Pa like Champagne P, Cholly Ocktane, Shayahnna Smith, Guiseppe Myartt and more. Also artists from different states and cities in the Tri State area.

LM: Was it working with other artists for the first time hard?

Cuban: Not really cause I knew who I wanted on the tracks so it was just when the tracks was coming back so I could put the finishing touch on it.

LM: Now at that time wasnt you working with Brooklyn Zu Judah Priest?

Cuban: Yeah I was he also was suppose to be on the album but he never got back to me in time to get on the tracks. I sent him the tracks but I dont know if he didnt want to get on it or not.

LM: Ok I see. So why did you name it Da Dvenci Code? I know a part of it  has to do with your name.

Cuban: Well I named it that cause I want everyone to know I do things in secrets. So you have to really pay attention to my lyrics and what Im saying that Im doing that is going to change the game.

LM: So you more on the Makavelli stuff?

Cuban: You can say that but everything in this world moves by secrets codes and messages. Everything is hidden and you have to decode things to understand what some things are.

LM: So you didnt almost drop this album?

Cuban: Yeah because I was working at a 9-5 trying to stay off the street hustling and was trying to make ends meet. It got around the new years and I was on the verge of getting locked up again and plus I really didnt have anytime to finish the album because of work.

LM: Boy you have problems with law?

Cuban: Naw Im just trying to be me and do what I have always did in my past but I what I see now I had to leave a lot of things alone because I started to become a business man. I talk about my issues with the law in my music a lil so people can understand that Im not no made up trying to front type of dude.

LM:Well I guess thats just being real to yourself? So you have one video for this album?

Cuban: Yea man I got to be real to myself before I can be real to my fans. Yea I shot the video with some of my original street team on 6 ave and Belmont st back in Coatesville. I shot the Philly and Virginia scenes with Dolla Rise and Fat Rich Tha Grizzley.

LM: So how did you get all them girls on stage with you on the one part of it?

Cuban: Just being me and telling them that I was shooting an video and they all came up running to the stage. i was on tour at the time with Exposure Nation when I did that.

LM: What is Exposure Nation?

Cuban: Exposure Nation is an outlet for entertainment and business to be expose to a wider audience and to network. Its ran by Young Sir a former Bet co host.

LM: So it seems like you had fun with this project?

Cuban: Yea it was a memory to remember because it was the beginning and I was having fun. Now its all about business and progressing to the next step.
The Dvenci Code album

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